We have launched our Trash for Shirts campaign.

Updated: Sep 13

Trash for Shirts (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Thank you for subscribing and joining us on this journey.

Hello, my name is Eco and I have started this campaign with my brother and business partner Sal. We have started a few side hustles with one goal in mind, "sharing the wealth". Our main source of income has come from selling shirts to schools and sports figures in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Trash for Shirts campaign is another way of giving back to the community and making Albuquerque a nicer place to look at. We plan on doing different campaigns like this. We use Facebook a lot to gain new interest and clients. Feel free to follow Now Prints on Facebook.

Purchase a shirt / Subscribe to our Vlog / or Donate

Help us reach our goal by purchasing a shirt, subscribing to our vlog, or donating to the cause. We plan on showing our followers how a community can move watermelon mountains.

Stay tune to our success

Our goal is to sell 100 shirts. A minimum of 25 shirts and we will start picking up trash. $100 dollars will be given away to one of the 100 people who purchase a shirt.

Share, spread the word, donate, buy a shirt, like us on Facebook. There is plenty of ways to help us reach our goal. Stay tuned...

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