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world of Nov 5, 2018 When I enter RKT, I get this error. Please help: WARNING: GeneralServer is in invalid state! A: Although one has to install the library properly using: npm install rkt However, one needs to import the library to the app.js: import RKT from 'rkt'; Every night, at a certain hour, from the time he was first ordained, the high priest offered up a burnt offering. He would go to the altar and present the sacrifice, accompanied by smoke, and then go to the laver, or basin of water, outside the tabernacle, and wash his hands and his feet. This, also, was part of his daily routine, just before he went into the Most Holy Place of the tabernacle to offer his morning and evening sacrifices. Now, there was no altars in this place to which he could go, and so, at the time of his consecration, he was consecrated in the Holy Place on the altar of incense that was before the Most Holy Place. (Leviticus 8:9-11) In this passage, we see that, after the ark was placed in the Most Holy Place, there were two places that were forbidden to the high priest. They were the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. They were separated by the veil, which was in the middle of the tabernacle, so that no Israelite could go from one to the other. These two areas were separated because of their different functions. The Holy Place was for the specific purpose of offering the prescribed sacrifice, and then being washed, and then going into the Most Holy Place. The Most Holy Place was for the purpose of the Most Holy Place. It was only for the high priest to go into, who then offered the special morning and evening sacrifices, and then had to go into the Holy Place and offer the regular sacrifices. They were both separated and cleansed from the previous day’s sin. The altar, and the laver, or basin, were outside the tabernacle. The altar, which was before the Most Holy Place, was for the priest to wash with. The basin, or laver, which was outside the tabernacle, was for washing the priest’s hands and feet. It was for washing off the last remnants of his sin.

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