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Is there any solution with Google Sheets for such a case? A: There are two general ways to do what you want. 1.Create a dataset with the Google Sheets API There is a short tutorial here 2.Record the data in a notebook and share the dataset in a Google Drive folder. The below screenshot shows the two approaches in action. Source: The Xbox One X has finally launched in the UK, and it’s not just any old console. The new box is the most powerful console in the history of video games, boasting 4K graphics. That’s a massive leap in graphics over the current-gen Xbox One, which is arguably the most powerful console out there, but doesn’t support 4K graphics. That said, it’s still not the only 4K console on the market, and even if you don’t have 4K TV, there are plenty of games that are available on the Xbox One that you can enjoy in full 4K, on top of existing games that you can play in 1080p HD. So, what should you get if you want to play games in 4K on your TV? We’ve gathered a list of our favourite games on the Xbox One X. Apex Legends If you want a well-rounded 4K experience, you can’t go past Apex Legends. The free-to-play battle royale is the most popular game in the world right now. It’s a shooting game, but you need to take cover from incoming enemies to see who makes it through to the next round. The game has become so popular that it’s even been spun off into its own franchise, with a TV show set to follow. It also has a battle pass where you can unlock items, but the real reason to play this game is for the hectic, fast-paced gameplay. Apex Legends also boasts amazing graphics. The game’s in-game cinematics look absolutely amazing, and the gameplay shows this off in full. There’s no super-enhanced Xbox One X like the PS4 Pro, but the graphics on the Xbox One X look very similar to the PS4 Pro. Forza Horizon 4




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